We Know getting Quotes can be confusing.

So Here’s A Few Ways To Calculate The Cost Of Having a Sawyer Mill Your Logs Into Lumber

Costs For Mobile Sawmilling:

We Charge A Delivery Fee For Bringing The Mill To You & A Per Board Foot Charge For The Lumber We Mill For You. Sticker Wood is Always Milled Free Of Charge.

Time Frame For Scheduling Your Milling Job:

We Can usually Schedule Sawmill Jobs 2-3 Weeks In Advance. But Its Always A Good Idea To Get Ahold Of Us Before You Drop Any Trees As Certain Months Tend To Be Busier Than Others.

Cost per Board foot:

For Most Jobs:
$0.25 per Bf.

For Large Beam Jobs:
$0.20 Per Bf.

For Large Quantities Of 1X Material:
$0.30 Per Bf.

Estimating Board Feet:
If you need to get an estimate on the board feet you have in your logs, You Can Use This:

Cost Of Mill Transport & Setup:

$100 for every hour from our Home Base In Finland, MN

We will give you a more specific quote Before Scheduling.

and use the Doyle Scale. Use the smallest end of each log for your diameter (inside the bark), and round down to the nearest even number for your lengths.

Costs for Milling Your Logs at our Lumber yard:

Price’s per board foot are the same, but without the transport/setup fee.

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