Bringing The Mill to You

We work with you to prepare for Milling.

The first step is to make sure you can handle the logs once they hit the ground.  Keep them off the ground as much as possible and the sawyer will thank you.  Lifting is better than dragging if you’ve got the equipment

Sizing your logs:

Our Mill is made to produce high quality lumber and beams fast, but it cant do that unless your logs are big enough and straight enough. A general rule of thumb is to only select straight sections of the tree between 10″ & 28″ in Diameter at the smallest end. Length wise you should cut them anywhere between 8′ 6″ to 20′ 6″ and have all branch’s cut flush with the bark.

Setting Up The Mill Site:

First thing is to get your logs ready for the Sawyer to arrive by stacking them in a location that provides ample space for the mill and Towing Rig. All together the Truck & Mill are around 36′ long and need ample room to maneuver up to your logs Flat, dry ground is ideal, but if your ground is uneven, stack your logs on the uphill side of where the mill will be operating so we can roll the logs easily up to the mill. At the mill site, the saw logs need to be up off the ground on a log deck.

Stacking The Logs:

A log deck is two parallel 6×6’s (“rails”) or any straight, smooth (branch’s off cut flush) trees, too small to mill, set 7′ apart and extending from the mill site as far as needed for the amount of logs you have. The saw logs are then placed perpendicular on the “rails” keeping each saw log centered on the rails so later, when it’s lifted onto the mill it’s centered on the mill. Keep the log deck no more than 4 feet high so when we’re rolling the logs on milling day, the logs don’t get out of control.

Site Layout & Milling Day

Your Almost Ready To Make Some Dust.

Here’s an example of ideal site layout:

Milling Day:

When milling day comes, you’ll need to have one or two helpers to “off-bear”, which means to pull slab wood and lumber off the mill as the sawyer cuts the logs. The more helpers you can get the faster we’ll get thru your logs. When we arrive, it will take us half an hour to place the mill next to the log deck and level the mill out.

The Cut List:

When the mill is ready to saw, we’ll need your “cut list”. If you have a specific project in mind for the lumber/beams, you’ll need to make a list before the sawyer arrives, with dimensions, lengths, and quantities in a neat and clear list format for the sawyer to reference while milling the logs.

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